My fiancé’s friend made a move on me

November 29, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 and I have one child. I became a mother when I was 19. I have only had one man in my life, and that is the father of my child.

He has asked me to marry him, but I am not ready. I want to finish my degree first. He has gone to university, and I feel that I should have a degree before I marry this man, who is educated. My mother doesn't see it that way.

This man is building a house for us to live in. His father is a builder. Sometimes his father takes me to the house and shows me what he is doing. I have told him the type of bathroom I want to have. It is a three-bedroom place. I will have my own bathroom; the other bathroom is for those occupying the two other rooms. The land belongs to my father, but he is giving it to my child's father. His parents are Christian people and my boyfriend respects them. My boyfriend doesn't hide anything from me.

One of his friends tried to become intimate with me and I was surprised, because he is a man I look up to. He is older than my child's father. He is also the godfather of our child. When I told him I was surprised that he would try to get me to go to bed with him, he said that he was only testing me, and I passed the test. I don't believe he was testing me. He would have gone to bed with me if I had agreed to do so.

I have two more years at university. By that time our house will be ready. I told my child's father that I would love to have a big wedding. He is not in favour of that. What he wants is to get another child. I have stopped taking protection, so if it happens I would not fret, because this man has proven to be a very good man. We don't argue often, but whenever we do, we don't hold it against each other for long. We make up by having sex, and we don't discuss what caused the disagreement or argument after that.


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