Boyfriend won’t stop flirting with other women

October 13, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I have a boyfriend. He is an up-and-coming politician. He loves politics. He loves also the limelight and whenever I go out with him, he ignores me because girls are all over him and I cannot deal with that. I asked him if that is how it is going to be and he said that I am standing in his way and he has to do what he loves. He wants me to join in with him but I know that the best way to serve Jamaica is to get a good education and go into business. This man and I don't agree on everything. I am slim and we have been friends since high school. Now he is telling me that I need to put on some more weight. I was all right for him at one time but now he has changed. My folks love him, especially my mother. Whenever I complain to her about him she takes his side. My mother does not know how sometimes when we go out to meetings I have to literally tear him away from women. I don't want a man I would have to fight for every day for the rest of my life.


Dear S.T.,

I think that you are beginning to feel that you and this man are not compatible. If you find it very difficult to cope with his friends now, the relationship will not work in the future. The man is telling you what he likes and what he hopes to do. If you love him, you should give him your support and if you cannot give him your support, you should leave him. But don't try to change him because he has to do what he loves, and that is the way I see it.


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