Planning to divorce my husband and settle with cabbie

July 21, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am the mother of three children and I am married. The father of my children is living in the United States of America. He does not support me or the children.

I got involved with another man and I told him about it. He admitted to cheating on me, so he is not going to hold it against me. He said I should not cause any embarrassment on him, so I should try my best not to make this man get me pregnant.

When I ask him for money he said that he is not in a good job, and that his rent is high. This man that I am with is not educated. He drives a taxi, but he gives me whatever I ask him for. He does not own the car that he drives. The car that he is driving as a taxi is not his. He tells me he takes one day per week to work my money to give me to go to the supermarket. I do not pressure him. The only thing he wants from me is sex.

He has a girl who visits him, but he told me that their relationship will not last, and that I should get a divorce from my husband. My husband told me that he is not planning to divorce me and he does not want his daughter to grow up with a stepfather. I am thinking that I will have to divorce him because he does not even send me as much as US$100. I am paying my own rent, and I can put my pot on the fire every weekend.

This taxi man gives me money to go to the supermarket ever week, so why should I consider myself a married woman and not getting any money from my husband? Please for your advice.


Dear A,

I think that your husband wants you to stick around so that when he comes back, he has a place to stay. However, he doesn't serve any purpose. He is very wicked. He should have at least made the sacrifice to send you US$100 a week to assist you to pay your bills. He is unreliable and irresponsible. You will have to make up your own mind whether you should divorce him.

The taxi man has promised to marry you if you were to divorce your husband, but that is only a promise. Remember he is living with a woman. You should probably tell your husband that he should make an effort to send money every week otherwise you will have to end the marriage.


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