Creepy guy stalking me on social media

January 28, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 14 years old and I live New York, USA. I have been reading your column for a while, and I have finally come to ask you for your advice.

Like a normal teenager, I use Instagram and other social media platforms. Grown men usually message me nude stuff, but I have become used to it.

This one man, who I will call George (not his real name), has been pursuing me for a while now. He lives in Jamaica and is turning 25 next month. Before I started talking to him, he first messaged me saying I was cute. So, I just replied with 'thanks'. George then kept sending me voice notes, telling me how he has been staring at my picture for 10 minutes because "I am cute". I simply told him thanks, but he kept going. I tried to be nice and kept it to a basic, friendly conversation since he was asking me about myself. I quickly found out George's age. He knew that I was 14 and kept up the conversation. Plus, Pastor, he still tried to get my number.

My friend kept encouraging me to talk to him because we were not taking him seriously at first. He said I was mature for my age and he was sorry I was so young, so we could not date.

George promised not to do or say anything sexual. I got carried away by his compliments and kept talking to him a lot, but as I started to talk about him to one of my friends, I realised I was being groomed by George. He gave me his number, but I did not give him mine, because I was sceptical about him. I was just wondering why a 24-year-old man would be interested in me, since I am a junior. He kept asking how I didn't have a boyfriend since I was so sexy and good-looking, and he kept trying to get me to be on a phone call with him. I do not know if I am being manipulated. Am I a victim of a child grooming? Should I report him? By the way, I have not told my parents or any adult.

Please help me. Thank you.


Dear J.T.,

First of all, I would say to you that you should block this man from your Instagram account and all your other social media accounts. and that you should stop having any communication with this man. I believe that you are an intelligent girl, but don't get carried away by what he has said about your beauty. Nip everything in the bud, right away. If after blocking him, he tries to find other ways of getting to you, inform your parents.


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