My boyfriend needs to lose weight

January 27, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a 23-year-old young woman and I have liked a certain guy, but the older he gets is the heavier he has become. He is not tall, but he is packing over 270 pounds.

Every time I talk to him about his weight, he gets upset with me. He tells me it is because I want to leave him why I am worried about his weight. But it is not because I want to leave him, it is because I love him. I want him to take off weight.

He does not seem to care, but I care about the way he looks. He eats the wrong foods and he loves ice cream and hamburgers.What can I do, Pastor?

Initial withheld

Dear Writer,

If this guy loves you and love himself, he should learn to control his appetite. I remember when former US President Bill Clinton was running for the presidency and he was having some health issues, he was advised by his doctor to stop eating so much fast food, and hamburgers were mentioned.

One can love fast food, but that should not be your main diet. I think I remember that President Clinton developed heart problems. I know that some guys like to consume plenty of fast food.

Your boyfriend's weight is out of control. It is in his interest why he needs to lose his weight and to go on a balanced diet. Tell your boyfriend, therefore, that you would accompany him to see the doctor, and for the doctor to put him on a balanced diet. That diet could also help you.


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