Worthless boyfriend doesn’t treat me right

January 25, 2021
I am getting tired of him. Nothing is exciting about him.
I am getting tired of him. Nothing is exciting about him.

Dear Pastor,

I have a boyfriend but he does not make me feel special. He has never sent me flowers even when it is my birthday. I don't get gifts from him. He tells me that these things are a waste of time and a waste of money. He insists that we are going to need that sort of money to take care of our children when we get married.

I have a younger sister and her boyfriend makes her feel special. He takes her for dinner, he buys her gifts, and he surprises her with little things. He calls her often during the day just to check up on her. When I tell my boyfriend these things, he says the telephone company would love him because he is making them rich.

I need a new phone and he has a sister who was coming to Jamaica. I told him that he should ask her to buy me a phone and I would repay her. He told me she didn't have the money and I asked him how he knew that; he said because she is his sister.

All this man wants from me is sex. Every time we meet, that is what he wants. I have nothing to show that we have a relationship, and he has lots of things to show that I love him. Our relationship is two years old, but I am getting tired of him. Nothing is exciting about him. Please tell me what to do.

His last girlfriend threw him out of her house. When I asked him why she threw him out, he said because she had another man with him, but she denied doing so. Now I understand why she threw him out. Pastor, when I say I have nothing from this man, I mean nothing. Not even a piece of underwear.


Dear G.,

This is the kind of man you don't want in your life. The longer you have him is the longer you are going to prevent yourself from having a good man. Good men give gifts.

It is time to tell this man to get lost. He is an idiot. You shouldn't go further with him. You should keep yourself for a good man. He is not a good man. You don't have to mince words with this man; you have been with him for too long. Let him go his way. But by the way, he does not have anywhere to go. He is a wicked boy. He might be standing in the way of a good man and that is what I have to say.


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