My husband is in love with my sister

June 05, 2020

Dear Pastor

I am a long-time reader and a first-time writer to you. I am 25 years old and I got married six years ago to a man and I regret doing so. He is much older than I. He is 41. He has been cheating on me a long time with different women. Nothing in skirt passes him. I forgave him because I loved him.

I have four kids. I do a little farming to help support myself. I asked this man many times to help me to go back to school, but he doesn't care. He lives and works abroad. He doesn't like me talking to male friends. And he tries to sleep with all the female friends I try to associate with. So I stop keeping friends. If I need something I would have to lie to get it from him.

Pastor, I found out recently that he slept with my sister. And he doesn't want to end the relationship with her. He said he loves her too. I have filed for a divorce because I think I have reached my limits.

Pastor, please advise me on what to do. I cannot cope with this any longer. I would really appreciate your reply. Thank you.


Dear T.C.

You are doing what you should really do, and that is to divorce your husband. He is grossly immoral and he does not care. Perhaps when you got involved with him you thought he would have been of great help to you but instead he has embarrassed you.

If indeed your sister has become sexually involved with him, she has disgraced herself and all the members of your family. And this man who is your husband perhaps feels that there is something great about having sex with two sisters. Your sister and this man are disgraceful and shameless.

If he is having affairs with so many women it is time for him to realise that before long he will be penniless because women are not going to allow him to have sex with them for free.

You did not say whether he is the father of any of your children. If he is, I hope that your lawyer will advise you how to get support from him for your children.

You are young; you have made your mistakes but you have ambition. Try and work and go back to school. You are going to need an education.


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