Loneliness won’t leave me alone

February 27, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I'm 19 and I am having a problem with loneliness. Sometimes I am wondering if I am that ugly why no one likes me. I have been in relationships but they only gave me heartbreaks. Because of my past relationships, I haven't dated anyone because I wanted to give myself time to heal.

But for the past few months, I am just having these lonely feelings, especially when I see my friend with her boyfriend. She just reminds me of how single I am.

I just need some advice because I don't want to rush into anything and get hurt. I am a Christian, so I have a little faith.


Dear T.H.,

The loneliness you are feeling would not kill you. You hate being alone, but having a man in your life will not necessarily solve your loneliness.

A woman can be alone but not be lonely because she can do many things to keep herself busy. She can get involved in voluntary work.

She can occupy her time by going back to school and taking courses that can be of tremendous help to her in the future. In fact, many young women have met their partners while engaging themselves in meaningful community activities.

As a Christian young woman, you can become very active in the youth movement at your church, and if your church doesn't have a youth ministry, you can start one.

You can also go out in groups and enjoy yourself. Going out on dates does not mean that you have to have sex.

You say that you don't want to get hurt, but you don't have to get hurt if you use sanctified common sense. Put your life in God's hands and you can't go wrong. I will be praying for you.


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