Mom abandoned me when I was 15

December 06, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I really need your help. I have been on my own since age 15 when my mother put me out of her house.

One of the reasons why I think she didn't like me was because she gave me to the wrong father, and each time she looked at me, she remembered my biological father.

I searched for love out in the world because my mother didn't like me. I love her with all my heart.

Sometimes I felt that I would kill myself, but every time I thought about killing myself, I heard a voice from within saying, 'I am still with you my child. Don't allow the Devil to take your life from you.'

I have been on this Earth for 26 years, and I cannot remember having any good times during that time. Currently, I am not working, but my biological father assists me sometimes.

Pastor, please give me your advice.


Dear T.S.,

I am sorry to hear that you are very unhappy. You believe that it is your mother who has contributed to your unhappiness because she put you out and you had to fend for yourself.

If you are correct that your mother did not register you in your biological father's name, and it is quite evident to everyone that she gave her other man a jacket, it might have been difficult for her to deal with this deception every day.

Instead of putting you out, she should have told you the truth then and also asked your biological father to take you because you are rightly his.

I would like the public to know that I have spoken to you, and even at this age, your mother has nothing to do with you. You are hoping to get a job very soon. May the Good Lord bless you.

I wish it was possible for me to talk to your mother and to hear her side of the story. I wonder if she would say that she threw you out because of your disobedience, or you wanted to have your own way, or you were often rude to her.

I don't know. Whatever happened between your mother and you, I can imagine how bitter it was for you after your mother threw you out.

You said you have never had a happy day in your life. How sad! I hope that no one will condemn you for what you felt you had to do to survive.

You do not have children, so you shouldn't have anything to prevent you from going back to school.

You are an intelligent young woman, and I would encourage you to go back to school. You might consider learning a skill so that you will be able to support yourself.


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