Jus Chris changes focus

January 31, 2023
Jus Chris
Jus Chris

Although gimmickry and dancing tunes contributed to the popularity of Jus Chris (formerly Baby Chris), the entertainer said that over the years the focus has changed.

Once part of the dancehall trio L.O.C. which was based in London, the artiste said their single Ring Ding Ding helped to spread the word about the group and "get me as an individual on different platforms."

"Some people still don't know the music or the name but the moment they find out, they will ask me to give them a skankin' song and I have in the past. The gimmicks still work across the world and locally, but it has to be very focused," Jus Chris told THE STAR.

Veteran dancehall entertainer Bounty Killer was the first to call the artiste Baby Chris, because at the time he went by the moniker Likkle Chris.

"After several years and returning to Jamaica from a tour of Europe, Bounty saw me and thought I looked more mature, probably because of the facial hair. He said, 'Well you have Justin Beiber, Justin Timberlake and now we have Jus Chris'. And I ran with the name," he said.

Jus Chris is also known for singles such as Walk Like A Dog, What Did I Do, and a collaboration he is featured on with Beenie Man titled One King. He recently appeared on Rebel Salute where he was invited on stage by General B, and performed his latest single Stay Focus.

"With the direction the music and the youth going in, I wanted to focus on the changing times and the changing nation and give them a message for tomorrow. The mission I am on is to educate them and just show them what it means to stay focused," Jus Chris said. "There is always space for skankin' songs and gimmicks and the reaction to those songs is even crazier now, but I want to give something that lasts."

Jus Chris is to perform at Boasy Tuesdays and Natty King's WelloWell JA Style Tuesdays tonight. Then he heads to the UK where he will make guest appearances in Croydon, Bristol, Manchester and London.

"I just want to get the ears of the people. Tonight should be a good one and by February 5, I'm in London. It's a familiar place. I lived there for over 15 years of my life [so] I always look forward to going back and performing there," the artiste said.

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