HoodCelebrityy hops on to the ‘Buzz’ rhythm

January 31, 2023
Troyton Rami
Troyton Rami

The classic 'Buzz' rhythm, which spawned Sean Paul's international breakthrough hit with Gimme Di Light, has received a new lease on life.

Jamaica-born, New York-based singer HoodCelebrityy has jumped onto the beat with her latest single, I'm Back, which was produced by Black Shadow Records' Troyton Rami and released on January 27.

Rami, who is also Jamaican but is based in Florida, explained that he made the connection with HoodCelebrityy through Instagram and "we started vibing and working from there".

"The feedback to the song been amazing, everyone's loving it, [especially] the whole energy and vibe that HoodCelebrityy brings back to the rhythm. It's not easy for anyone to go on these rhythms and bring back that old-school vibe like she did. The 'I'm Back' challenge that she created [has] got the people in a frenzy right now which has been great," said Rami.

He described working with the Billboard-charting artiste as awesome.

"She is so talented, her vibe was full of energy and she knows what she wants in her music. This makes the job easy and fun to do," he said.

HoodCelebrityy, whose given name is Tina Pinnock, explained that she decided to record a song on the rhythm because it's a classic.

"I feel you just can't go wrong with the Buzz rhythm, once you hear it you instantly want to dance, the rhythm just have a happy vibes," she said.

HoodCelebrityy said that she was writing and listening to old beats on YouTube when she came across the rhythm.

"And I hit my DJ when I came back across the beat, like, 'Yo, them old-school riddim yah me affi bring them back.' And I wrote the song to it. And I hit up Troyton immediately on Instagram and we just locked in from there," she said.

She also described working with the producer as amazing.

"Especially for someone like me, I'm very picky with who I give my energy to. But the man is just so humble, with good energy and full a vibes," said HoodCelebrityy.

Upon its release in 2001, the Buzz rhythm scored multiple hits, including Press Trigger by Mad Cobra, Pump Up by Sizzla, and Haters Wanna War by Elephant Man.

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