Black Dice Team unlocks a new level with ‘Falla Fashi’

January 14, 2022
Chuby Dice
Chuby Dice
Dark Dice
Dark Dice
Black Dice
Black Dice

Black Dice Team has unlocked a new level and is looking to set the trend for 2022 with their new dance, 'Falla Fashi'.

Team members Chuby Dice and Dark Dice have even made steps to seal the deal by creating a song in honour of the step.

"Falla Fashi is actually a dance that is a spin-off from a previous dance called Air Flow, created by me," Chuby Dice told Dancers' Paradise. Dark Dice revamped the move by taking the first four counts of the eight-count sequence, making it shorter and easier in its delivery.

"I give credit to Dark Dice for showing me that we could split it and have a different dance from Air Flow," said Chuby Dice. "Of course, we're always building moves on a vibe and, after teaching a dance and going to Australia, that's when I came up with the name, Falla Fashi."

Chuby Dice, who has been working and residing in the southern hemisphere country, recently returned to Jamaica for the holidays. He expressed great joy at being back home with friends and family.

"You know what they say, 'nowhere is better than yard'. Being back home is a joy; it's a wonderful feeling. It's been a while. Me feel welcome," he said.

While the trip was a happy occasion, he did highlight that the culture has changed since his departure. But he doesn't mind playing catch up, because, according to him, that's just how Jamaica is; always bringing in the new.

Since reclaiming his spot at street dances, he along with his Black Dice Team, took the vibing from movement to singing.

They chant ' falla falla falla falla falla fashi, gweh' which resonates with the dance. The vibe was so right that the featured duo rolled the dice all the way to the studio, recording the refrain and deejaying in the verse. From there, the entire team took centrestage, stepping into the spotlight for the recently released music video, which was directed and edited by Laddy Mack. The talented and dynamic dance team hopes that persons will have as much fun dancing and vibing to the single.

And Chuby Dice, who has already returned to Australia, is happy that he was able to make timeless memories with his team.

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