M-Gee gets love for ‘Worry Dem Mind’

January 07, 2022

Dancehall artiste M-Gee is enjoying international rotation for his song Worry Dem Mind which samples Ckay's Love Nwantiti, which has been touted as the biggest song for 2021.

"HOT 97 pick it up because it's on the same rhythm as Ckay's song. So that's the reason why it's getting numerous buzz overseas right now," M-Gee told THE WEEKEND STAR.

But he also believes the lyrical content is playing a role. M-Gee has created a lane for himself by making music centred around various pop culture phenomena, including the cosmetic surgery-designer body era which served as the inspiration for the track. He toasts the sculpted women who are often criticised by others who, he sings, should be concerned with their own affairs.

"The chorus is about dem [the critics] a worry 'bout the wrong thing," he said. "Everybody in America a do dem body so me address it seh the lookalike body gyal a beat dem bad. So yuh find seh it become a norm on the Internet. This song has also become a norm as the girls wid dem lookalike body a tag dah song here to dem posts." A music video is scheduled for release soon.

The US-based artiste also touched on the topic in another release titled Like Seriously.

M-Gee is wrapping up promotion for the two tracks in Jamaica. While here, he also recorded a song with Chronic Law, with whom he did the 2020 collaboration Rich and Nah Talk.

He also recorded another song with Gully Bop. The two previously released Life Too Sweet in 2015.

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