Gully Bop alive and active - Deejay says no more fundraisers

December 28, 2021
Gully Bop
Gully Bop

Dancehall artiste Gully Bop doesn't want any more fundraisers to be organised for him in light of his current condition.

A Real Helping Hands page was created for him by musician Diavallan 'Dia Warrior' Fearon to assist with health expenses following his admission to the Kingston Public Hospital last month for complications from a hernia and blocked tubes. A US$10,000 goal is stated to assist with regular upkeep of a colostomy bag, a healthy diet and a caretaker. Up to yesterday evening, only US$337 was raised.

"Dia and some man seh dem a put up fundraiser fi mi and mi tell dem nuh badda distress the people dem outta dem money. Mek the people dem gwaan keep dem money cause mi feel better," Gully Bop told THE STAR. "Wah day when mi sick and weak out, mi did need it, but right now mi can go hustle two dubplate although nuh duplate nah run. But mi still can hustle some something so mi nuh really waan nuh more fundraising put up for me."

Besides, "People funny," he added. "People will see mi a drive up and down and seh dem see Gully Bop and him alright."

Though fans have been telling him to stay on bed rest since being discharged this month, Gully Bop is choosing to stay active and was even gardening when contacted by THE STAR.

"Mi know seh a care dem care bout mi but a send dem a send mi fi go dead cause from yuh hitch up inna bed wid sickness, yaa guh dead. When yuh nuh active, yaa guh dead... Mi nuh like inna hospital, mi love get fit pon mi own... Yuh must know how yuh body feel. Yuh must know weh yuh can manage from weh yuh cya manage. Since mi come out a whole heap a song mi do and fi sing songs it haffi a come from your belly bottom," he said.

On the matter of death, the rumour that the deejay had passed on resurfaced, causing him to ponder why people want him to die as he said he is unproblematic unless provoked. The deejay said people should not wish death on anyone.

"The dead rumours don't get to me because dem thing deh mek yuh stronger and live longer," he said. "Nobody cya kill you but God... Me, Gully Bop, nuh born fi dead. Mi born fi live. You know why? God nuh mek nobody pon Earth fi dead. God put you pon Earth fi live so if yuh have death pon yuh mind, yuh a go dead."

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