Chug It to proceed with lawsuit against Spice

December 08, 2021
Patrons at a Heroes’ Weekend staging of Chug It.
Patrons at a Heroes’ Weekend staging of Chug It.

The Chug It local and international groups are advancing with the procedure to file lawsuits in the US state of Florida against dancehall deejay Spice following her non-performance at their September 5 event.

In a press release published on Tuesday, the legal actions listed to be taken against Spice will include significant damages for defamation, breach of contract and tortious interference with contract.

When contacted by THE STAR, Spice's local attorney, Ayisha Robb, said her client is busy celebrating her Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album.

"My client is right now excited and dealing with her Grammy nomination so that's where her mind is at right now so if Chug It wants to do what they feel as if is in their best interest to do, I'm sure my client will defend herself at the appropriate time," Robb said.

The press release claimed that Spice "personally" told "organisers that she would refund the total sum paid to her for her performance fee" and that Chug It accepted the offer. While Chug It claims that Spice has yet to honour such arrangement, Robb said no such offer was made.

"I'm not aware of my client having any conversation with any of the Chug It team," Robb said. "Why would she be speaking to them when she has legal representation and when the matter has been very heated and litigious from day one? She's smarter than that. Of course, she's a Grammy nominee. She would not reach where she is if she were not a smart person... I doubt she had any such conversation because she has been very clear on her position so she would not be wavering on her position or on her instructions to me. Her instructions have been unequivocal and very clear: there'll be no refund and there'll be no apology so she would not be vacillating at this point in time to the best of my knowledge."

Spice is also being represented by US attorney Darrell Thompson in the matter which unfolded across social media in September.

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