Prince Guava gets creative on ‘ABC Badness’

December 07, 2021
Prince Guava
Prince Guava

Prince Guava, first and foremost, is a comedian. But he has also been dabbling in music for a while, and when the opportunity presented itself, he combined both and came up with a winner.

The Manchester resident is celebrating the overnight success of his first single, the video of which was released one week ago and has racked up close to 200,000 views on YouTube. His creative, gimmicks song, ABC Badness, is being hailed as "the best ABC song ever".

"I had high hopes for ABC Badness, but, to be honest, I didn't expect it to reach this far. The fans saw the skit and asked for a full song, and we followed through. I didn't know that the producer was really serious about it. Big up [producer] Steel Chest," Prince Guava said.

It was about one month ago that Prince Guava did a skit promoting the rhythm for Steel Chest and it went viral on TikTok.

"In the skit, we were in the voicing booth about to sing a bad man tune. The expectations of the producer were high ... until we opened our mouths," he said with a laugh.

What came out was a corny mixture of the ABC song, nursery rhymes and Sunday School choruses from him and his sidekicks, who he generously offered "a piece a di riddim". As expected, they were all kicked out of the studio. The comedic aspect of it resounded and the demand for a longer version grew. Fans are now celebrating, based on their comments online.

Prince Guava, whose given name is Jeheil Pearson, says he has previously recorded two conscious songs, but right now, " ABC Badness is where di ting deh".

"My family love it. Right now dem watch the count more than me and dem all happier than me, and mi nuh think that possible," he told THE STAR.

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